Story from Royans Dubbo

A story from Royans Dubbo this week

I had a call late Sunday night in regards to a salvage west of Dubbo. I sent out Matt Nolan, the Sales Representative from Royans Dubbo to attend the scene. When Matt arrived at the scene to advise me of what was at the accident, a driver in a b double parked behind the blocked road was helping out with traffic control. A truck drove past carrying bees, and stung the man who was helping out with traffic.

The man who was stung is highly allergy to bees, went into anaphylactic shock and dropped to the ground. Matt administered assistance by lying him down by the side of the road. An ambulance was called. Matt listened to what the man could say, held his hand and gave him his first EpiPen. When the effects of the first pen started to wear off and the driver was struggling Matt gave him his second and last EpiPen. The ambulance arrived an hour from when the man was stung and he was struggling to breathe.

Matt visited the man in the hospital the next day, and despite the critical situation the day before, was expected to make a full recovery. The man called the branch and Matt to thank him for helping out and being there, as without his help he would have died.

Matts experience in the rescue squad certainly helped out at the incident, well done Matt and thank you.

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