2019 is a big year for the Royan Group as we celebrate 75 years in business.

2019 is a big year for the Royan Group as we celebrate 75 years in
The 75-year mark, as an Australian family business is something we are
quite proud of & something that is only possible with the work,
expertise and dedication of our loyal staff.
Many served their apprenticeships here and some have spent their
whole working lives with Royans.
We are lucky to have so many loyal and experienced staff throughout
the Group & it is this experience that provides tremendous repair
knowledge and creates a great training ground for the next generation
of repair professionals.
During the year the following staff achieve more than 20 years service
with the Royan Group!
Thank you for your dedication, loyalty and professional work.
Royans Sydney
Garry Woodcock 40 years
Gary Andrews 39 years
Mark Ferguson 36 years
Alan Wood 36 years
Shane O’Connor  32 years
Chris Algie 31 years
Damian Wood 30 years
John Cusack 30 years
Lindsay King 24 years
Rowan James 23 years
Terry Kymantas 23 years
Jason Till 23 years
Peter Collins 22 years
John Greaves 22 years
Louise Embelton 22 years
Peter Agostino 21 years 
Royans Melbourne
Ben Cappelli 35 years
David Church 35 years 
Stewart Shaw 35 years 
Darren Church 33 years  

Michael Collett 31 years 
Tony Thoonen 30 years 
Graeme Sharp 29 years 
Gary Fidge 28 years 
Diana Shaw 27 years 
Brian Ellett  26 years 
Ian Wilson 26 years 
Glen Bull 24 years 
Graeme Kemp 24 years 
Connie Ross 24 years 
Paul Standen 24 years 
Angela Larkin 22 years 
Chris Cole 21 years 
Paul McCrory 20 years

Royans Brisbane
Peter Royan 41 years
Dominique Marino 20 years 
Royans Wagga
Bill Andrews 38 years
Grant Gibbons 34 years
Bert Cool 30 years
Jamie Day 29 years
Neil Carey 27 years
Garry Maher 23 years
Ashley Creasy 23 years
Scott Hooper 22 years
Paul Robinson 22 years
Trucking Supplies
Narelle Marcantelli 36 years
Glen Post 22 years
Geoff Collins 20 years
Royans Dubbo 
Jenny Cowper 33 years
Colin Dover 28 years
Jim Taleb 23 years

Royans Wodonga
Kerry Little 35 years
O’Neill’s Newcastle
Chris Johanson 42 years
Ken Wattus 38 years
Shayne Brown 36 years
Mark Jones 30 years
Adam Roddom 29 years
Troy McBeth 29 years
Glenn Barrett 28 years
Michael Everingham 28 years
Margaret Tierney 28 years
Marc Want 26 years
Steve O’Reilly 24 years
Chris Baldwin 23 years 
That is an amazing 1,791 years of experience right there!   And that is
without including the many great staff that have clocked up less than 20
years service!

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